American General Tool Group is always in search of progress through introduction of new product categories, acquisitions, and other technical and business developments. This page enables you to stay up to date.

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- AGTG Expending Product Variety.

June 05th, 2018

American General Tool Group is always looking to expand its product variety especially for woodworkers who are cornerstone of North American craftsmanship. We have introduced new and innovative selection of products in different woodworking product categories including glue solutions, safety, accessories, finishing products and more to allow woodworkers convenience and effectiveness in expressing their skill.

- AGTG Introducing New Pocket Hole System.

May 15th, 2018

Diversifying its product range, American General Tool Group is introducing new Pocket Hole System featuring built in workplace thickness gauge to instant measurements of material dimensions. The gauge can be set up for rapid drilling of joints without any cumbersome and time consuming requirement of marking out. Comes with drill depth setting gauge. Related products and accessories are also available.

- Multi-million Dollar Lease Agreement with Rexford Industrial Realty Inc.

April 12th, 2018

American General Tool Group has signed a multi-million dollar lease agreement with Rexford Industrial Realty Inc expanding its warehouse by 11,000 square foot of space turning the total warehousing area into a massive 51,000 square foot facility. Added area will be used to place recently acquired fully automated oil filling machine and labeling system helping in reducing manufacturing costs and increasing production flexibility for valued customers.

- Acquisition of an Automated Oil filling Machine

February 28th, 2018

With the acquisition of an automated oil filling machine, American General Tool Group can now produce up to 10,000 oil bottles every day with greater versatility, reliability and consistency. The acquisition also brings down the human resource cost considerably while alleviating the chances of human error as well. Also allows greater and speedier production for even quicker order fulfillment.